Rc-T | Survival Bracelet - Green - Gadget
Rc-T | Survival Bracelet - Blue Red - Gadget
Rc-T | Survival Bracelet - Black - Gadget
Rc-T | Survival Bracelet - Multi Green - Gadget
Rc-T | Survival Bracelet - Blue - Gadget
Rc-T | Survival Bracelet - Multi Blue - Gadget
Rc-T | Survival Bracelet - Brown - Gadget

RC-T | Survival Bracelet

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"The No.1 Emergency - Accessory" 

Do you want the feeling to prepared in an emergency situation? If you want that feeling every day of your life - You have to go with the Survival Bracelet! 

The main material it's made of is extra strong paracord, so you're always able to use the bracelet on your wrist as a string to pull things, to climb a tree or even for strangulating wounds to stop bleeding! Think about the possibilities just the paracord string will give you! But that's not the use of the bracelet, at all.


  • The Double-Safety-Clasp of this bracelet features a small but razor-sharp knife to kit through safety-belts, branches or even the meal on your next camping adventure.
  • Right beside the clasp, the bracelet has a built-in whistle and compass for easy orientation in the wilderness and the ability to get help in dangerous situations by blowing the whistle.



Product Specifications

  • Length: 22cm/8,6"
  • Material: Paracord Rope/Zinc Alloy
  • Features: Knife, Paracord-Rope, Whistle


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