Protac | Life-Saver Pen - Tool
Protac | Life-Saver Pen - Tool
Protac | Life-Saver Pen - Tool
Protac | Life-Saver Pen - Tool
Protac | Life-Saver Pen - Black - Tool
Protac | Life-Saver Pen - Silver - Tool
Protac | Life-Saver Pen - Gold - Tool

ProTac | Life-Saver Pen

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"The Pen that will save your Life!"

A good, reliable pen is even more important than you might think! Whether you just need to take notes, you want to mark your path on a map or have to make important calculations, you need to have an instrument that won't fail at all! You have to 100% rely on it, no matter if it's wet, cold, dry or even muddy.

But what will a simple pen give you? a pen without versatility is nearly useless. That's why we developed this pen! It comes with a hardened Carbide tip which will give you the ability to smash through glass like butter, so you can get out of your trap that otherwise may cost your life.

  • The Pen is made from absolute top-notch Aircraft Aluminum so the last thing you need to worry about is a cheap plastic pen failing in the situation you need it most
  • The Carbide-Tip Glass Breaker on top of the pen allows you to escape from behind glass without needing to kick your way through (which could result in further injury!) so just swing the pen at the glass pane to shatter the glass!



Product Specifications

  • Material: Aircraft-Standard Aviation Aluminum
  • Size: 5,7"x1,18"

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