Are you interested in working with us as an affiliate? 
You're an Influencer on Social Media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?

Then we're interested in working with you as well! We're currently looking for Business Partners to do paid shoutouts, to market our assortment and we even need a texter for a blog about survival/adventure/hiking tricks and product testing.

How can I apply?

As we want to make it easy to apply for anyone that is possibly interested in working with us:

Just write us an E-Mail to:
Or Contact us using the Contact-Page

What Information do you need?

Please add Information based on the type of Cooperation you want to. 

Some Examples: 

  • Instagram-Influencer: Name of your Page, Number of Followers, Theme of your Page (Camping, Nature-Photography,...)
  • Texting/Blogging: Your Experiences, maybe some examples of what you did before
  • Affiliate: Where/in which way do you plan to market our products/our company? Do you have any experiences with affiliate marketing?

That's all you need to know!

You should have all the informations you will need to apply now. If you should have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask us in the e-mail/contact message.

We're trying to answer anyone as fast as possible!