About Us


We are Adventure-Nation, a young, expanding company, committed to supplying you with premier quality gear for any possible situation in your outdoor activities. Whether you are into camping, hiking, traveling or survival, you are guaranteed to find whatever you need on our website!

Adventure Nation - The Mission!

Our #1 Goal is to get you the best quality essential equipment/gear for nearly anything you could possibly do outdoors. 

We´re always working on building up our product assortment. Any of our items are hand selected by our professional team of experts to get you through any situation you may be in. No matter, if you want to go hiking, camping or you want to experience another type of adventure.

The Gear makes the difference!

As experienced outdoor athletes, we know that the most important aspect of equipment is reliability. Not only can low standard products spoil the thrill of experiencing the wilderness, it can get extremely dangerous as well.  Because your safety and thrill are our driving factor, we, the team of Adventure-Nation, stand for quality and improvement. We select our products to reliably escort you on your journeys for a long time, so you can focus on the adventure!

Equipment should be affordable for anyone!

Have you ever been in a situation like this: You´re out in the forest and in the late evening your flashlight batteries run low - you have no light anymore because the new battery pack was too expensive?

Adventure-Nation will do it´s best to get you the highest quality gear at an affordable price. Whenever you go to - We have a Sale or Discount offers for many of our products! 

Respecting our Customers!

One Thing that we´re really proud of is our top-notch customer support! Our experienced support-team does it´s best to answer any of your questions in the fastest possible timeframe. 

If you´ve got any questions - just ask us! We love helping you out.