Top 5 Hiking Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Hiking Tips for Beginners


The activity of hiking may seem to be quite intimidating for beginners at first. However, you will soon get used to the outdoor conditions when you start hiking regularly. You have to remember that one does not require possessing any special skills in order to go hiking. One requires having some very basic survival skills in order to survive difficult conditions during the hike. Hiking is an activity where you can really immerse yourself admiring the beauty of nature. It will definitely make you fresh both in the mind and body. A person will definitely learn more about bushcraft if he or she goes hiking. A guide has been laid down here to guide people.

  1. Choosing your trail

The hiking trail that you are choosing needs to be of a terrain that is not too tough to negotiate for beginners. It is not expected of you to be a prepper right from the word goes, hence choosing an easy hiking terrain is the best option. Should not be either too long or too short. For starters, it is best to go on a 5-mile hike, involving little or no climbing. We will be advising you from our experiences in order to go on longer hikes, one requires training oneself accordingly. A person should be moving around regularly, covering those extra miles for building up the stamina.

Keep in mind

  • If you a climb is present in your hike, you need to look up the distance of that climb. A hike of 5 miles on a straight road is vastly different from that of a 5-mile-long climb.
  • You need to buy the required climbing in instruments from the camping shop. Getting a guidebook regarding the mountains too is necessary.
  • Get yourself familiar with the hike, by reading about it before you set off. This will ensure that you have a fair idea about what to expect out there. We will advise you to pick up all necessary camping equipment


  1. Getting the requisite gear


The different clothes that hikers are used in the present times, is fairly fashionable in nature. Other than clothes, you have to get lots of other important things from the camping store too. You will however not need too many specialized gears when you go hiking. The clothes that you are wearing should not be the regular jeans or tees. You need to wear clothes that will help you to stay active. A hiker really does not want your legs or knees to get scraped when he or she is walking through the bushes. The long sleeved clothes will also protect your arms from unwanted elements; you can always roll up the sleeves, if it is too hot.


Essentials of camping


  • The hiking gear that you plan to carry must include proper shoes. A good pair of sneakers or hiking boots will be your best bet. If you have not worn the boots in a while, then be prepared for blisters.
  • Your Survival Kit for the hike needs to include backpack, water bottles. The quantity of water needs to be more than what you expect.
  • You have to carry extra snacks and also gear for keeping away the rains.


  1. Know your map


We will always recommend you to carry a map of the terrain where you are going for the hike. You have to know how to read this map too. It is not at all wise to be solely dependent on your smartphone to guide you through those terrains. You must take out a printout of the topo map of the place. When you have a fair idea of where you are during the hike and where you are going, it will always be comforting. You can always make use of paper based amps and electronic ones, to get the best results. Your hiking equipment also needs to have a compass present in it.


Things to do for survival


There are quite a few boxes to tick when you are going out on a hike. A list of things to do has been provided here by us to guide you well.

  • Start by taking a print out of the hiking guide and map.
  • If rains are expected on the D day, then put everything inside a waterproof zip bag.
  • You need to take turns on your trail according to the map.
  • You need to have a GPS device; this will always act as a Survival Gear, and let everyone know about your location.
  • It is always wise to download some maps for offline use too. This definitely acts as a great Outdoor Gear.


  1. Timing your hike and other preparations


If you wish to visit a particular landmark on course of your hike, then you have to start out early. If you leave your hike for a late start, then brace yourself for big crowds. Conversely, if you are a little skeptical to hike alone, then starting out late will definitely give you company. The Backpacking Gear will help you go on with your hike for the estimated duration of time only.


Preparing yourself for the hike


One needs to do the complete homework regarding the hike before setting off. We will recommend you to check whether you require permit or paperwork to enter a certain place. You have to always check the weather before you set out for your trail. If the weather seems to be bad, then waiting up and going for your hike on another day is a really wise option. One really odes not want to get stuck in wilderness because of a hasty decision. Your Backpack also needs to carry all essential stuffs and not just clothing and food.


  1. Involve your friends


If you are a solo hiker, then it will at least be wise to inform others that you are going out on a hike. Your Camping Stuff will help you to stay alive during a hike, however things can take an ugly turn if you have an accident such as a fall, fracture etc. hence it is always diligent to inform at least your close friend before setting out. Your hike is not at all a race with others. It is therefore advisable to not rush through things and miss out nature’s beauty in the process. When one is out trekking, one needs to be especially careful as climbs are more often than not treacherous.