An Outdoor Guide to Different Food Items to Be Carried During Hiking

An Outdoor Guide to Different Food Items to Be Carried During Hiking

If you have serious hiking plans in your agenda, then it is really important to carry the proper kind of nutritious food items during the hike. You cannot simply survive upon protein bars and bottles of packaged water in the wilderness. Getting proper outdoor gear is as important as getting proper food during the hikes. Your journey will be without any hiccups if proper rules are followed. Since hiking involves a lot of exercising of the body and walking, hence energy requirements are also on the higher side here.

Things to consider

First of all, you need to be sure of the length of your trip. After deciding the length, you can choose the food and beverages accordingly. You will also need to decide whether you will be needing a cooler or any other tools or Outdoor Equipment for cooking, chopping, mixing etc. staying thoroughly hydrated is not a choice, it is rather a compulsion that all members have to follow. You can take few glasses of water from beforehand too. this ensures that you have to carry lesser volumes of water while you are walking. Taking water every hour should be ideal for hikers.

One day hikes

You do not require to buy outdoor supplies in huge quantities if it is just a one-day hike. You have the option of taking along perishable food items such as sandwiches, however you have to probably take ice packs to keep them fresh. It is best if you carry along nonperishable food items. These food items are not only lighter to carry but are also often quite nutritious too. it will also ensure that you carry no outdoor gadget for cooking or such other things. You can have different kinds of nuts, fruits and even some tortillas.

Long hikes

If you are planning to go on hikes for many days, then packing food items would require meticulous planning. During this hike, you can initially eat different perishable food items but later on you would have to shift to the non-perishable ones. You will have to divide your meals and ration the food according to needs. You can carry some instant cereals, noodles. Fish, meat or poultry in cans become a survival gear during long hikes. Marshmallows can become your desired dessert and readily mixed beverages will complement your day. The outdoor guide mentions of these things in details.


Eat safe

If you wish to stay healthy throughout the hike, then eating healthy food is a must. There are some things that you can practice which ensures you end up eating healthy. Right from packaging the food till the time it is being served, you have to maintain cleanliness. Adventure-Nation, can effectively guide you through maintaining high standard for food. You have to carry things such as cooking pot, bottle openers, clean utensils etc. The survival guide, will always tell you to keep the raw meat separated from the ready to eat food items. You can ensure that food has been cooked thoroughly by measuring the temperature while cooking.