All You Need To Know About Starting a Fire

All You Need To Know About Starting a Fire

Hey, are you planning for a short trekking? When you go for the first time trekking you have to know a lot of things and this article will give you guidance about it. So where would you love to go? Choose the destination and in accordance with it pack your survival kit and clothes. Well to enjoy your Trekking yo must be equipped with all essentials so that you do not face any problem while trekking up the hills.

Set Your Destination

Begin your plan before a month, make a diary and choose your destination of Survival. Browse the net and search what are the things to do there. Pack your clothes accordingly. Nowadays it is not difficult to make a plan for trekking. You can go to the internet and search for all the things that you need to make your journey safely.

However, trekking is not allowed for everyone and you must consider this option if you are fit enough to climb up the high hill mountains. Other factors that you must consider are that whether the months that you are going will suit you. There are trekking destinations in which you have to avail the pass and for this, you have to carry various document and so make this as your first priority and ensure that you are set with all valid documents before you step out of the home.

Well, trekking means you have to know various types of skills and you are always surrounded by adventures as well as Preppers. Nobody knows what will happen next. You have to set tents in places and have to prepare food there.

In my experience, I have seen that fire is one of the most important things that every trekker seeks for. whether it is for cooking or for warming themselves from the intense cold fire is mandatory. So if you run out of matches or lighter what will you do? Will you bother to die? So I will discuss the ways to start a fire without using any lights or matches. 

Using a Magnifying Glass

You might have done this experiment on science labs that a magnifying glass can start a fire. So why not use this activity. I will always advise you to opt for a smaller magnifying glass for travel. This is much portable and will be convenient for you use it anywhere around and carry it in the backpacking gear. Moreover, this will give you a lifeline if you do not have any firing instruments to fire.

So how will you proceed with the activity? You have to prepare a bird’s nest and you have to gather some papers to light up. Well, so you have to take the initiative to prepare the birds nest and align the magnifying glass with the sunlight, you will see slowly the smoke is evolving from the papers and fire will catch after that. So you are now ready to warm yourself or boil a glass of water without the help of any matchstick.

Getting a Steel Wood Battery

Well, another important method that I am going to discuss is steel wool battery. You have to get a 9-volt battery and a steel wool, in the market you will come across various types of brands of steel wool such as SOS pads and all. But I will suggest you go for generic brands they are far better than others.

So how will you go with these options? Simply take a piece of wool in your Backpack and then open it, now all you have to do is to make a bowl shape with it. Now you have to fill the wool bowl with dry grass material, leaves and all, rather the material that would catch fire easily. Now take the 9-volt battery and touch its top end with the steel wool. You will see that the wool catches fire within a fraction of second. Now let the fire spread for a moment so that the dry material starts to burn and slowly add more dry materials according to your needs.

Magnesium Fire Starter

Well, so far I have discussed the two methods and in both cases, you have to seek for a birds nest. But in this option that is the magnesium fire starter you do not have to do so. But there are other things to consider too with this choice. First get a cardboard and a bark, these are two material I have named because they catch fire very easily. Now, this is the place where you will put fillings inside, make sure that the filings do not mix with the dirt else it will turn out to be ineffective. Make sure to carry a sharp tool, a saw blade will be right to shave the flat side of the fire starter. However be careful while using saw blade they are prone to injuries, so use it very carefully.  You have to continue this thing until you obtain a pile of fillings. Make sure that your fillings are with you as they will help to serve for burning. You might know about the fact that magnesium burns a little first and the temperature is too hot and so make sure that you keep your filling together to burn them for a longer time. Well, add slowly it is recommended not to head it off all at once.

Well, where ever you go these three techniques will give you a life if you fell short of matches and lights. So when you g to trek consider Campaigning Equipment and Hiking Equipment your bag so that you never fall in trouble. Make sure that you are ready with Hiking Gear and all to give a perfect start to your trip.

Well, a magnifying glass is readily available and you can get it in all stationery stores at a reasonable price and considering this option to start a fire will be a great job. However, their methods that are mentioned are also of great use. But in the second case, you have to find some cardboard and all to start wth the fire.

So are you ready with survival gear as well as outdoor gear? Beat the odd and move in with your trekking in the next month. Never worry just mug up the three steps with other Camping Stuff and I swear you will never face any issues regarding starting a fire.